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Stop Holding Your Breath

Practical strategies for engaging with a loved one who invalidates your feelings, blames you for their unhappiness, and won’t let you go


The Workshop Everyone Has Been Begging Me For…

As a therapist specializing in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), I get asked all the time for tools to help my clients navigate their relationship with their loved ones who have BPD patterns.

They ask me, “Why does love have to be so hard?”

Can you relate?

You want to have a happy relationship, but it seems like nothing you do ever makes your loved one (with BPD patterns) happy–not for long anyway. Their reactions can be unpredictable and extremely volatile. You want to set boundaries, but they either steamroll right over them or have a meltdown because their feelings are hurt. It’s exhausting and you may feel at a complete loss.

In this brand new, 3-hour online workshop I share my best insights and advice for addressing these challenges.

You’ll gain insights about what happens for the person with BPD, why it’s so difficult for you to deal with them, and powerful, practical coping skills and strategies.

What you’ll get:

  • A greater understanding of your loved one’s disorder
  • Tools for calming and grounding yourself
  • Relational maps for better understanding the dynamic
  • The possibility of finding a buddy for ongoing mutual support

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Stop Holding Your Breath
Price: $25.00
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