Reenactment and Relational Repair.

Now What?
A Workshop in ReParentive™ Therapy

It’s no coincidence: As a therapist you often attract clients whose wounding mirrors your own.

For therapists who grew up with a parent with a personality disorder, (BPD, NPD, etc.) or in an invalidating environment, things can get murky, considering your vulnerabilities.

The bad news: you may be primed for getting caught in a trance, playing a role in a reenactment, getting co-opted, or getting used in some way.

The good news: your experience and sensitivities can offer you laser insight and potent medicine. It makes you the ideal therapist for these clients.

But you’ll likely need some guidance in order to harness your vulnerabilities.

ReParentive Therapy supports therapists to be in the paradoxical dance of staying open enough to offer the medicine while protecting yourself from burnout, fatigue and getting caught in unhealthy roles. We support you to establish healthy boundaries. 

ReParentive Therapy holds that genuine relational repair is key to healing developmental trauma. And that means bringing you into the equation.

In this 90 minute live virtual workshop, we’ll look at:

  1. The core wounding and resultant reenactment patterns for clients who grew up in an invalidating environment.  
  2. What does it mean to show up for relational repair for these clients?
  3. The ReParentive Therapy formula for healing


    Upcoming Live Virtual Workshops:

    choose a time that works for you, the workshop will be essentially the same

    June 19 from 6-7:30pm PST
    June 28 from Noon-1:30pm PST
    July 11 from 9-10:30am PST
    Recordings will be available



    Reenactment and Relational Repair.
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