Become a certified ReParentive™ Therapist

The certification process for becoming a Certified ReParentive Therapist consists of the following stages:

  • Group Module*

  • Foundations in ReParentive Therapy (RPT)*

  • Training to lead Growing Ourselves Whole (GOW) group

  • Consultation with Pamela while you launch your group

If you are interested in applying, please schedule a welcome call to meet Pamela and learn about the program.

* Therapists who are interested in becoming certified in ReParentive Therapy must complete both the Group Module and Foundations in RPT. These trainings can be taken in any order, or on their own, but both must be completed prior to Training to lead GOW group.

Upcoming Training Modules

Group Module
Therapy group for therapists
Begins September 20, 2024 Schedule a call to register now
Foundations in RPT
Learn the skills to bring to your therapy practice
Begins January 10, 2025 Registration opens soon
Training to lead GOW group Dates TBD

Group Module

Learn the impact and effectiveness of the group experience for clients with this history

Growing Ourselves Whole Therapy Group for People with a Loved One with BPD (or similar emotional deficits) has a proven effectiveness for helping clients recognize and start to shift patterns from the impact of growing up in an invalidating environment.

The group has been offered to ten groups of clients over recent years.

The Growing Ourselves Whole Therapy Group for Therapists takes therapists through the 10-week journey of the therapy group for people with a loved one with BPD with the following 9 educational goals. Therapists gain the benefits firsthand that this group provides to clients in the target population, while being guided to the underlying purpose for each element of the experiential journey.

Students will learn about, recognize, and experience:


  • Harnessing the benefits of group experience to grow ventral vagal regulatory capacity
    The therapist intentionally guides participants to expand their window of tolerance through interactive regulation.
  • The healing role of inclusion and group interaction
    The experience of belonging, which was likely lacking in the clients’ past, is deliberately cultivated, acknowledged and encouraged. Clients who may have felt excluded, unsafe, or in competition with others in the past, can discover new ways of relating.
  • The healing value of organic emergence of insight, validation, and shared understanding through the group connectivity
    When a member of the group has an epiphany on the spot, it can have a ripple effect. Others may have their own insights or in any case may benefit from the exhilaration of the ah-ha! moment.


  • Healing/Regulating impact of Psychoeducation
    A client can read on their own about psychological concepts to increase their self knowledge and understanding of their personal history. However, if the same concepts are delivered in real time by a caring, empathetic therapist, in the company of peers with similar history, the potential for integration, healing and learning increases multifold.
    The therapist’s creativity in presentation, dynamic examples, and responsiveness to questions that arise in the moment, bring concepts to life in a way that is healing. Guided by the idea that “The medium is the message,” we focus on how psychoeducation is delivered. When offered in a way that includes regulation, validation and healing it can make all the difference.
  • The transformative nature of experiential process
    Group participants learn by encountering and studying themselves through the combination of mindfulness with experiential explorations. This supports integration and lasting transformation.

The therapist

  • The healing role of tracking and interactive regulation
    For clients who have a history of not being seen, there is great value in being tracked by the therapist and validated by the group.
  • The impact and healing capacity of genuine relational presence.
    Clients feel a difference when their therapist/group leader courageously leads with their authentic vulnerability and shared humanity.


  • The importance of structure, titration and deliberate progression in the creation of relational group safety
    The group structure is deliberately designed with stair step deepening that allows emotions to be metabolised and supports relationship building. The pacing creates safety and allows for safe relational vulnerability.
  • The role and integration of Somatic resourcing for effective regulation and stability
    Participants who grew up in invalidating environments with high volatility and unpredictability benefit greatly from somatic resourcing. They’re equipped with tools for mindfulness, increased bodily awareness, self care. An emphasis is also placed on the healing value of humor. When laughter is shared by group members, it stands as a testament to a shift in perspective and shows that a healing experience has landed.

What’s included in the Group Module:

  • Live Virtual Training
  • Participation in Growing Ourselves Whole Therapy Group for Therapists
  • Begins on September 20, 2024
  • 10 weekly Friday sessions 9am-12pm PST
  • 2 hours of therapy group followed by 1-hour Post-group Didactic Sessions

Plus: Introductory session on Saturday 9/21 Integration and Inquiry-Closure session on 11/23


Tuition for the Group Module is $1995

A 1-hour intake session fee of $125 is due at the time of service and will be applied toward your tuition (balance is $1870)

Tuition Discounts

Early-bird discount

Register before June 30, 2024 and save $200

BIPOC Discount

Save 10% of your tuition.

Before June 30, 2024  — $1595

After June 30, 2024 — $1795

Foundations in ReParentive Therapy Module


Immerse yourself in ReParentive Therapy.

Learn instantly applicable skills that you can bring to your therapy practice, to care for your own nervous system, reduce burn out, and increase your awareness of countertransference. Deepen into your seat as therapist, and as a result, offer co-regulation to your clients.

The course meets weekly for 2.5-hour sessions for 10 weeks. Plus, participate in a 3-hour group consultation mid-way through the training.

What’s included in the Foundations Module:

  • Live Virtual Training
  • Starts January 10, 2025
  • 10 Fridays 12pm-2:30pm PST
  • Phase 1 (3 months/28 hours worth of training includes 1 group three-hour case consultation session with Pamela)
  • Learn ReParentive Therapy skills and presence. Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the three months.
  • Earn CEs
    Receive a training manual, links to resources and access to recordings if you have to miss a session.


Tuition for the Foundations Module is $1595

Tuition Discounts

Early-bird discount

Register before December 1, 2024 and save $145
(tuition cost with early-bird discount is $1450)

BIPOC Discount

Save $145 off of your tuition
(tuition cost with BIPOC discount is $1450)

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