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Hi Pamela,

I am writing to express, though I imagine it may be of no surprise to you, that this group has already been profoundly impactful on my healing after just a few sessions.

Because my heart and system now know there is a place and a time each week to feel the heartbreak, be validated, and do the work of healing around this unique wound and loss, I have begun to feel lighter, more curious, more awake, and more open the rest of the week. It’s like my system has been given the spiritual permission and energy to live and love again.

Thank you for your humble and honest presence in these sessions – and also for the forethought and intention you have crafted into them. I can feel your care as the architect of this healing journey. It is an honor to be alongside you and the others in the group, who have experienced this attachment wounding from such a tender period in life.

My felt compassion for them has allowed me to give some of that to myself, which has also been invaluable in the process of letting go.

And finally, this group has also allowed me to cultivate honest empathy for (my ex partner), who has lived her life in deep pain and self-loathing. In understanding what is at the core of this wounding, I am able to release the pain that it caused me — and clinging that I have felt bound by.

I am sure there is much more feeling and growth to come, but I felt compelled to share my experience so far.

Thanks so much for leading us on this rich and beautiful path. I feel excited each week to see what comes – and most importantly, I feel well held in the experience of the group.

In gratitude,

I first heard about Pamela’s ReParentive Therapy group work years ago from a client—a self-identified child of a parent with BPD — who still raves about their experience. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train in Reparentive Therapy with Pamela and have found it a very effective synthesis of somatic tools and theories. As a certified somatic practitioner and energy healer, I often work with clients who want reparenting and relational repair with a social justice approach. I’m so grateful to Pamela for developing this method and offering it in her authentic and collaborative way. I have gained insights about my clients, our dynamics, and my own process. Furthermore, I am able to consult with likeminded colleagues in the Reparentive Therapy community. I recommend her training for practitioners and therapists who want to work somatically, relationally, and holistically with their clients in an authentic way.

— N. P.

Students are saying: 

Hi Pamela,

It was such a pleasure to meet you! That workshop was by far the most FELT, transformative workshop I have taken at GH yet. I am walking away with practical tools, exercises, and so much excitement to put these to use this next week with clients. Thank you.

I really resonated with so much of the workshop. The somatic exercises brought me to tears, so much emotion is moving through me… I am so inspired by your work. My deepest of gratitude to you and the work that you do. It feels really good to have these emotions flowing through me. I feel a release. Time to go out in nature!

With immense gratitude and appreciation,

— Abi R.

Pamela is smart, caring and passionate…an excellent instructor.

— N.P.

Growing Ourselves Whole therapy group participants

There’s more space in me for love because the shame is getting smaller.

— J. H.

I wanted for a long time to connect with other people who came from monstrous backgrounds, but who weren’t becoming monsters too. This group helped me find a peace my ancestors couldn’t envision.

— L. N., Oakland

I see past the trauma to the person I am.

— M.K., San Francisco

Pamela has a deep knowledge of the ways in which the brain is wired from BPD trauma. She knew how to explain the “why” without putting too much emphasis on how damaged we all felt. Her timing made me feel held, and heard, and that I would be ok.

— A. W.

It’s been like medicine.

— L. B.

As a professional working in a leadership capacity for high-risk, high-trauma fields (law enforcement), Pamela’s workshops have become a critical part of maintaining a caring presence in my work & a sense of personal safety. Growing up with a borderline parent, I was never taught boundaries, self-worth, self-love or self-care. I developed a mindset of victim blaming, as well as a learned ability to self-blame and self-minimize. Doing the work of healing from the trauma of a borderline parent is easily one of the most difficult things I’ve taken on in my life, because it felt like a betrayal. I began my journey in this therapy group, which showed me that I was not alone, and that loving myself & my parent does not have to be a zero-sum game. For me, Growing Ourselves Whole was my first inkling of a community that truly understands my experience as the child of borderline parent.

— L., Concord, CA

Pamela Rosin, MFT is a gifted therapist and teacher. Her humility, intelligence and humor make learning about these challenging topics approachable. She is kind, sensitive, and generous and holds a solid, heartfelt container for her clients and students. The group therapy model that she has developed to help adult children of personality disordered parents is groundbreaking and essential. Finally, an approach exists that includes a refined comprehension of the developmental wounding resulting from BPD parenting, coupled with a connected group model that truly supports relational healing. Her ability to synthesize material and approaches into a cohesive, effective approach and group healing model is finally here and each and every one of us as therapists and recovering souls, can benefit from what it has to offer.

— Justine Melisande Polevoy, MFT #36954

I have had several patients complete the group for people who are related to or connected intimately to someone with BPD or narcissism. One patient said to me, “I’ve already gotten my entire money’s worth after just session-one of the group.” They felt so validated and their long sense of being isolated and totally alone with their experiences shifted dramatically. I have seen my patients gain a totally new sense of perspective on their suffering, specifically that they are able to identify their internalized self-hatred and cruel inner voice as something that originates in their chaotic and traumatic childhood experiences rather than being signs of their true badness. I’ve seen my patients able to separate themselves more from these toxic inner dialogues and discover and increased ability to self-soothe, self-love and an increase in self-compassion. This is truly a pivotal experience for people who carry great suffering and damage from childhood. Anyone wanting to work with people who suffered from emotionally immature or abusive family’s will gain tremendous experience in how to reach these patients and truly transform their healing process.

— Ben Elitzur, MD Board Certified Psychiatrist

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