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Do you suspect that you grew up in a household with patterns of Borderline Personality Disorder?​

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Borderline Personality Disorder is highly stigmatized and often goes undiagnosed. An official diagnosis can only be determined by a licensed clinician, through the use of assessment techniques. So, this quiz is not the equivalent of a psychological diagnosis. However, it can be useful to collect clues about your family of origin. This clarifying insight can help you get targeted support to help you heal.

Fill in and submit the quiz below to find out whether your childhood home might have had patterns of Borderline Personality Disorder. You’ll also receive helpful information about what you can do now.  

Do you suspect that you grew up in a household with patterns of Borderline Personality Disorder?
You feel like you are walking on eggshells around your parent
Your parent generally takes things personally
You parent’s emotions swing from hot to cold. It takes a long time for them to return to baseline. They don’t stay calm or balanced for long.
Your parent sees things in black and white
You’re afraid of disappointing your parent
Your parent often feels abandoned
Your parent lacks a sense of self. They have a chronic sense of emptiness
Your parent may have harmed themself or threatened to commit suicide
Your parent may have a distorted sense of whether people mean them harm. The world is generally unsafe in their mind.
Your parent filters everything through their own experience
Your parent has trouble offering others empathy
Your parent has unstable relationships
Your parent struggles with addiction
Your parent’s behavior is impulsive, and potentially self-damaging
Your parent has a hard time controlling their anger. It can catch you off guard and is out of proportion.
In your parent’s world, someone is always to blame.
You parent doesn’t enjoy life. Everything is a struggle for them.
Your parent is an unreliable reporter. Their version of things doesn’t match other people’s.
Your parent’s feelings mattered most of anyone in the family.
Your parent is likable out in the world. At home they show their shadow side but they hide it when they’re out in public.
It’s hard to know what you want
You have trouble setting boundaries
You feel shameful, or that you’re bad
You anticipate being blamed for things
You find yourself in relationships that are volatile
You feel on edge and it’s hard to relax
You may have tension or pain in your body
It’s hard to exhale
It’s hard to trust yourself
You’re afraid of making others angry
You’re afraid to let people get close to you
You push yourself hard to achieve success in the world
People around you don’t know how much you struggle.
You hide your genuine self

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