Curiosity Invited – Episode #27 with Pamela Rosin

Pamela Rosin, MFT helps clients move toward a sense of belonging, grounding, freedom, and comfort in their own skin. As a Certified Hakomi Therapist, Pamela utilizes experience based modalities and a synergy of Buddhist and Somatic psychologies to cultivate healing. As a therapist, Pamela integrates her professional acting background, a decade as a bodyworker, and many years of teaching Shakespeare in prison.

As a teacher and group leader, Pamela draws from a multitude of experience in various educational and therapeutic arenas. She embodies the precepts of ‘Reparentive’ Therapy; bringing relational, loving presence to support learning. Pamela’s creativity, ability to personalize the material, and emphasis on nervous system regulation, supports students’ access and integration of this sensitive and challenging topic.

A graduate of the Integral Counseling Psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Pamela’s therapeutic orientation has been influenced by the Eastern/Western blend provided at CIIS, traditional Freudian, psychodynamic, and transpersonal approaches, and by the many wise mentors and guides with whom she has traveled.

Pamela is a seasoned guide, dedicated to healing this wounding in herself and others. She has led Growing Ourselves Whole numerous times over the past few years.

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