Transform challenging clients into your most impactful therapeutic work

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You care deeply about your clients. This might have some connection to you feeling drained.

Can you imagine:

  • Thriving and supporting even your most challenging clients to thrive as well?

  • What might be possible if you had a community of therapists for support around these issues?

  • Helping clients with developmental trauma who may stuck or volatile.

  • Having more capacity, grounding and presence so that you can lean in and be the therapist that makes a difference for these clients. Plus, feeling good at the end of your workday. 

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What to expect on our planning call:

  • We’ll talk about what’s challenging in your therapy practice

  • I will help you create a plan to increase your capacity to serve challenging clients using ReParentive tools and theory

  • If it’s a fit, we’ll discuss my upcoming training and see how that could benefit your practice

Great training on how to be fully present as a therapist. I love the experiential aspect of it, and the space for sharing, practice and reflection.This training increases the therapist’s ability to be present to clients, whose own attachment experience can present in therapy as challenging or aloof.

Kristine Campbell, LMFT

This training has been helpful for coming back to mindfulness and grounding techniques in order to be able to show up with enough inner resource to provide reparative experiences for clients who haven’t been held in that way.

Deia de Brito, MFT

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