Reparentive Therapy

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I will update this page soon with my best recommendations and resources for you as your navigate healing your BPD patterns.

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Pamela Rosin
Pamela Rosin

About Pamela Rosin

Pamela has a Masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, is certified in the Hakomi method and has trained in DBT, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples,  Somatic Healing and Restorative Yoga. 

Her diverse training background and experience with somatic methods, combined with her own personal experience growing up in a household with ith a legacy of BPD patterning uniquely positioned her to develop this groundbreaking therapeutic approach.  

“Pamela is smart, caring and passionate…an excellent instructor.” 


Reparentive Therapy

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**Most of my offerings are for therapists and/or adults whose parents or caregivers had BPD patterning, but if you suspect (or know) that you have Borderline Personality Disorder, here is a resource page I created just for you. | | (510) 214-6507 

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